App Development

We develop apps for both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android (Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC OneX, Nexus4) mobile operating systems. Apps are a fantastic way to grow customers, increase revenue and to make your products and services more accessible. Our approach is to create innovative and exciting apps that are simple and easy to use.

For a super basic app for either system our starting price is $1500 for iOS and $800 for Android. However, due to the specificity of each project we will give you an accurate quote after an initial consultation. If you are interested in getting an app that works for both operating systems we offer a discount for two. Because of Apples strict approval process for apps, if the app we build cannot beĀ approved we fully refund your deposit.

If you are interested in having an app built for your business, contact us and we will arrange a meeting (depending on location) to discuss ideas and design. Creating an app is an extensive process so we work closely with clients to ensure we make a fantastic product that benefits their business. We will have apps built and available for download within a month assuming their are no issues with approval.

Get in touch to learn more.